Sauze d’Oulx

Sauze has always been a mountain resort with a great passion for skiing. In 1904 the first Italian ski meeting was held in Sauze d’Oulx. From these first steps to the beginning of the 2nd world war many of the ski stations were modernized and the town turned from agriculture to tourism.

Luigi Faure

It was in 1940 that Signore Luigi Faure recognised this great interest in ski and created a small business in the center of the old town named simply “Faure”. It was here that in addition to offering all the services of a small tourist shop, Luigi Faure also offered ski hire and repair. From that historic day the Faure family has continued with its passion of this winter sport (and you will now find us in the center of town), accumulating over 68 years of experience. The philosophy that still distinguishes our business today is our focus on quality products and service combined with a vast technical experience of all mountain sports, both winter and summer. The business today is still managed by the Faure family

Marisa Faure

Faure Sport proprietor with over 40 years in the business she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to advise you on all you need in mountain apparel.

Federico Gattiglio

Federico, Proprietor and son of Signora Marisa Faure. For the past nine years Federico managers all aspects of sports equipment sales and hire. Ex athlete of the Italian national ski alpine squad. Italian junior champion 1994 combined event and Vice junior champion super gigante. Ex athlete of the Golden flame sports group. Ski instructor since 1999. Ski trainer since 2001. Ski boots and ski tester for “sciare” Magazine since 1999.

Mauro Gattiglio

A vast contribution of knowledge for ski hire and sales since 1964. During the winter seasons you will always find a member of the staff whose mother tongue is English with of course, many years of experience with both ski and snowboard. Always ready and willing to help with anything you may need.